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Patient waiting time estimation

With artificial intelligence techniques, the Phlerobo algorithm can predict the patient's service time with high accuracy and can share this information with the patient when patient reaches the unit.

Patient priorities

Pherobo applies patient priorities as specified.

Load balancing

Phlerobo can do load balancing intra-day and between days to limit the number of people in waiting areas below a certain number.

Quality indicators

Phlerobo does not just measure quality indicators after the fact, it allows setting target values and helps to achieve them, e.g., patient waiting times.

Optimal number of phlebotomists

Phlerobo main algorithm estimates the optimal number of nurses required for instant patient load with artificial intelligence techniques and shares it with the manager with high accuracy.

Performance measurement

The Phlerobo system can measure and report the performance of individuals and the system in great detail. In addition, all steps of the process, including the time of arrival of the patients to the unit, can be recorded and reported.

Patient check in

There is no need for a patient registration desk in Phlerobo. The patient can report that he has reached the unit via the kiosk or smart phone.

Tube preparation

Tubes are prepared by NESLİ robot and presented directly to the nurse just before the patient arrives at the chamber.

NESLI use in wards

NESLI can be used in hospital inpatient services. The tubes of the patients in all services are barcoded within minutes with a single touch and placed in a tube rack and the time of the healthcare staff is not tied.

Phlerobo use in wards

The Phlerobo system has components to automate the blood collection workflow in the wards. Phlerobo and NESLI together can save up to 1.5 hours of the time of the healthcare staff in each blood collection cycle in an average-sized ward.


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