AI-Enabled Robot for Blood Sample Check In

KANKA: AI-enabled robot for blood sample inspection and check in

Pre-analytical errors account for 32-75% of laboratory errors and may cause problems in testing processes, resulting in delays and unnecessary costs.

Visual inspection of samples can help catch these errors.

KANKA is the first AI-Enabled robot that can give blood samples a thorough visual inspection before it checks them in.

KANKA identifies samples with many types of pre-analytical errors - listed in side bar -, speeds up sample check in process, saves costs and reduces human-specimen contact.

KANKA has a very short time horizon of ROI.

Personnel Cost Savings

Up to 90% savings.


Human-specimen contact is reduced.

Time Savings

Results come out faster.

Catch Pre-analytical Errors

Many types of pre-analytical errors are caught.

How KANKA works ?

KANKA is the first AI-Enabled robot for blood sample inspection and has a very advanced visual inspection capability.

KANKA checks for a set of pre-analytical errors (listed in side bar),scans in sample barcodes and registers samples with Hospital (HIS) or Laboratory (LIS) Information System.

Samples without an error are grouped based on their destination devices.

Samples with pre-analytical errors are placed in separate containers.

Samples can be tracked down to determine where they are at any time in the check in process.

KANKA's Artificial Intelligence model is flexible and can learn more. KANKA can be trained according to the specific needs of a particular laboratory.


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