KANKA for Blood Sample Check In & Sorting

Blood Sample Check In & Sorting

Inappropriate samples coming to medical laboratories cause problems in testing processes, cause delays and unnecessary costs.

The samples must be checked according to the laboratory criteria and at the same time they must be registered via HIS/LIS.

These processes are normally carried out by humans. This is costly, increases biosecurity risks and introduces human errors.

As the number of samples increases, the number of people and proportionally the number of errors also increase.

This means extra cost.

KANKA checks the blood samples as required, registers them with HIS/LIS and classifies the samples according to the test groups they belong to.

KANKA separates the defective samples and records the error explanations in HIS/LIS.

With KANKA, the number of employees decreases, work is always done to the same standard, human errors are eliminated.

With KANKA, your blood sample checking costs decrease, things get faster, laboratory test results come out faster.

Labor Savings

The number of your employees decreases.


Human-sample contact is reduced.

Speed Result

Results come out faster.

Human Errors

Human errors are eliminated.

KANKA Blood Acceptance Industry 4.0

Using the Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) method and other sensors, KANKA determines the conformity status of blood samples completely autonomously, scans in sample barcodes and performs the HIS / LIS registration of the samples..

It collects the defective ones among the samples in a separate compartment.

Appropriate samples are classified according to the analyzer group to which they are assigned to. Device groups can be reduced or increased as needed.

It is easy to query how the samples are processed and where they are at any time in the process.

KANKA's Artificial Intelligence model is flexible and can learn. KANKA can be trained according to the specific needs of a particular laboratory.

KANKA can also assist in stocking the finished samples, thus reducing human-sample contacts further and dramatically.

Developed with the support of TUBITAK TEYDEB, KANKA is an innovative product whose intellectual rights are protected by the relevant laws.


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